Night Of A Million Stars

Alley is a poet of time and place. She’s a poet of looking in the cracks in the sidewalks and the spaces where buildings meet trees, water, and sky. She sees visions in oil slicks, reads the messages from crows, and seeks the humanity in every person, even when she’s angry.
–T. Thorn Coyle


Night of a Million Stars

In these 19 essays, writer, activist, and artist Alley Valkyrie shows us the worlds we miss, the worlds we forget to look for, and the worlds we bury in memory. From the awe of inner-city children seeing their first stars, to the sorrow of stories buried on forgotten islands, from the unlooked-for beauty in forsaken places, to the unspoken rage of abused land, Night of A Million Stars is for anyone–and everyone–who has ever strained to glimpse the light from other worlds. 

Featuring the cover design of Li Pallas and a foreword by T. Thorn Coyle.

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