About the Blog

This is a non-linear attempt to lay out a confluence of stories.

I’ve been wrestling with three separate writing projects over the past few years, one which has been ongoing for several years now, and its recently become abundantly clear that what I thought were three separate stories are actually all one. They travel from many directions out of the one, but they are interwoven to the extent that I can no longer functionally separate the narratives. And so this is an attempt to capture those interwoven pieces, both as they are occurring and as I pluck them from the chaos of memory.

There are several levels of ‘pilgrimage’ that are occurring simultaneously within this story. There is the physical pilgrimage that took Rhyd Wildermuth and I across France and Spain in the spring and summer of 2016, there is the interwoven series of events that has occurred over the past year since we decided to make this pilgrimage, and there is a secondary cycle of events, inseparable my own personal story, which led me the need to make a pilgrimage in the first place. I hope to untangle all of these these threads as much as possible over the course of my postings here.

I started this blog two months before we planed to leave for Europe, but the story itself has been ongoing for eleven years now. My intent is to use these postings as a sketchbook to help me eventually cobble together this confluence of happenings for some sort of publication, but I also don’t know where that will actually lead.

Its a story about the intersections of gods and dreams and history and the dead and the various interweavings that we know better than to call ‘coincidence’. I’m still trying to figure out how and why this all began, and I have no idea how or when it will end, but any ideas or feedback you have will always be welcome. I could use some help unraveling it all.

Thank you for following along.

Alley Valkyrie, March 2016